The Secret Life Of Bipolar…

Living with Bi-polar quite literally has its up’s and down’s. I’ve suffered the symptoms of this life limiting illness for most of my life. I do however consider myself lucky, I have a diagnosis and take treatment to help balance out my mood.

There are so many of us battling daily with our mental health demons, yet so few willing to share their stories, thoughts and experiences openly. Mainly due to the unknown entity of viciousness and stigma that could soon enthral our lives. Perhaps that’s why I’m launching my blog today and not yesterday. My intention in sharing my most intimate and guarded experiences and feelings is in the hope that tomorrow, someone, somewhere will see that they are not alone. That the hideous, intimidating, ‘abnormal’ thoughts they live with, are in fact ‘normal‘ to them, as they are to me.

What you are about to read is based on my life. There is a lot of negative and bad words for me to share, however equally much good, much laughter and much hope.

Here is, the secret life of Bi-Polar…

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