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Ryanair: Gone bust! (Latest update)

Ryanair: Gone bust…

On a recent flight with Ryanair (yesterday) I couldn’t help but make a few observations that could suggest the Irish budget airline giant are on their way out, either that or the ‘simple’ offering is getting even leaner in a bid to increase profits by greedy bosses. 

The flight prices were fine, in fact so was everything leading up to the flight itself. 
We board and whilst it would seem that the seats have got smaller and closer, I think the reality is my waist line has expanded since last flying with the ‘cram em in’ airline.

Despite the flight being cramped and quite possibly the most uncomfortable I’ve experienced (when I say cramped I mean have to stand up to get money out my pocket kind of cramped) . I did make a few observations that would draw concern for me over the airline. 

Now standard routine when boarding a plane is: find the row that we are sat on, loose the hand luggage in the over head compartment, ask the stranger in the aisle seat to move so we can sit down (everytime), sit, grab the magazine/menu on the back of the seat in front and decide what alcoholic beverage I shall be enjoying during the flight…only on this flight there are no magazines or menus. How bizarre? My only conclusion thus far is that, this way they can charge what they want, when they want and don’t have to pay for printing of magazines. 

The trolley did come along and before it reached us, the row behind were being served. They wanted cider, there was no cider. The closest they could get to cider was Heineken (??). Rather disappointed, the cider drinkers behind challenged the air hostess. The air hostess responded that it’s getting more and more like this. They are always running low on stock and on her last flight to Lanzarote, there were no trolleys at all. No refreshments on a 4 1/2hr flight. Imagine! It is this that would perhaps suggest that things aren’t going well for the love to hate, horn blowing aviators. Could it be their suppliers are not being paid? 

Refreshments aside, there was also something else I noticed during take off. No sick bags? Another cost saving? Whilst I didn’t need one myself, I did have huge concerns about people who may not think they need one – but suddenly do. See like most travel related sickness (for me it’s in the back of cars or on buses) there usually isn’t a great deal of warning before the vom fountain springs a leak. So the thought of having to press a call button and then wait to purchase one off the trolley is a little hard to comprehend. 

Right, we’ve done refreshments, we’ve done puke, what’s next? 

It can only leave one thing – safety!

The most shambolic, borderline comical safety announcement on board a plane that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Quite frankly it was like a lost monty python sketch. I half expected John Cleese to burst out from the cockpit flinging his arms about to demonstrate where the exits are located. The reality was three flight attendants each at a different stage of the process, one with a life jacket, the other with an oxygen mask and the last putting her tabard on with her back to us. There was no sound or tannoy conducting the announcement or accompanying the sporadic actions of the depleted crew. If I hadn’t flown before I would probably of bobbed my pants in fear of not knowing what to do in the event of an airborne emergency. The reality is I have flown many times, I enjoy flying, I have flown Ryanair previously so already know to have my credit card handy in the event of an emergency to purchase my life jacket. 
However if new to travelling with Ryanair you would not know this. 

Time to go home…

Our return journey was not to dissimilar to our outbound. Packed in like sardines with no hope of getting any refreshments you actually want off of the trolley. 

Unlike the outbound flight, they hadn’t bothered cleaning the plane before we boarded. The seats and floor were littered with empty plastic cups and cans, sweet wrappers, crisp packets etc. The floor and seats in desperate need of a good hoover. I did find it quite astonishing that there had clearly been no attempt to freshen the plane up before we board. We didn’t pay much for the flights, lets face it that’s why you pick an airline like Ryanair. However, even with the little that we did pay I still felt cheated. If you do wish to fly Ryanair I recommend that it is for flights to Ireland only, were 40 minutes is manageable. 

Our mini bus didn’t arrive and we got a lift home in a Range Rover. As there were five of us I had to get into the boot with the luggage. Let me tell you, it was pure luxury in comparison to a Ryanair flight!

Look all in all, a cheap flight that got us to where we needed to go and back. If you have low expectations on service and standards then ignore what I have to say, this is the airline for you. If you like a premium standard of service and offering or even just basic, then you’d be best to avoid. 

Luckily for us Tenerife does not disappoint and the sun makes up for the cattle herding of Ryanair. 


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