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Ryanair: Gone bust! (Latest update)

Ryanair: Gone bust! (Latest update)

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Ryanair: Gone bust…

On a recent flight with Ryanair (yesterday) I couldn’t help but make a few observations that could suggest the Irish budget airline giant are on their way out, either that or the ‘simple’ offering is getting even leaner in a bid to increase profits by greedy bosses.

The flight prices were fine, in fact so was everything leading up to the flight itself.
We board and whilst it would seem that the seats have got smaller and closer, I think the reality is my waist line has expanded since last flying with the ‘cram em in’ airline.

Despite the flight being cramped and quite possibly the most uncomfortable I’ve experienced (when I say cramped I mean have to stand up to get money out my pocket kind of cramped) . I did make a few observations that would draw concern for me over the airline.

Now standard…

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