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Coping Strategy: #2 No News Is Good News

Having bipolar or any form of ill mental health may make you more compelled to take on the worlds problems. I know I do, I have struggled to come to terms with some of what I read, watch or hear in the media. A lot of which can be just propaganda. Tragic world news always bothers me: earthquakes, floods, terrorism. When such news breaks I instantly feel that I need to spring into action and do something about it. I quite simply can’t. 

Which then means I have to tackle my passion and emotion, leaving me often quite distressed and exhausted. The hardest for me to cope with are usually instances of abuse, especially against children and animals. 

When it comes to politics, well I really don’t know what to say. It feels as though the world is falling apart at the seems and I worry so much for the generations coming through. I instantly feel aggressive at the thought of the dodgy, Mexican wall building, tangoed, omadon across the pond. 

The only way of truly coping with this is by boycotting news altogether. No news on TV, none on the radio and absolutely no news papers or magazines. Why anyone would want to start and end their day with depressing, hateful news stories I’ll never know. 

I understand that there is an element of keeping abreast on current affairs. However the way it is usually delivered is all to bullish and in a way to scare people, or to mask truth. 

I hear of what goes on, it may be drip fed through the stauses of friends on facebook or twitter. Through conversations with family and colleagues. At least that way I am in control of what I need to know and if I want to understand more I can find it somewhere to read. 

You may call me ignorant, I call it coping. Mental health issues or not, we have such a great deal going on in our lives. Life is tough enough without the medias wooden spoon. That’s why for me, no news is good news. 


The only way to combat mental health stigma is to talk openly about mental health illness and educate ignorance. Let's see if we can do our bit and share our experiences...

6 thoughts on “Coping Strategy: #2 No News Is Good News

  1. Thank you for this post. I totally agree. You are reflecting exactly what I have been thinking about the news, and the way it comes to us, over the past few days. I believe we are all at the mercy of the news editors; we simply see or hear what they choose. So all in all, I agree, getting our news via Facebook links is probably as good a way as any, to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world, in a general sense.

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  2. Thank you for your comment. At the very least it doesn’t hurt to explore the ways we can keep up to date with local and world news. Choosing what we want to know and most importantly when we are ready to know it. It works for me.


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