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I’m a lady…whoa…whoa…whoa..

Another great rehearsal tonight for our upcoming show in (14 days today!) March. 

Nanny Nutall managed most of it without her script too which certainly makes the acting bit a lot easier. She’s just got to get her bum into gear with the dance numbers!

She’s even bagged herself a song now so the world can hear her squark, I mean sing. As she’s an avid Tom Jones fan, she will be belting out one of his classics as part of her grand entrance to the show. 

She’s got her hair sorted and an assortment of stunning frocks and bloomers. I tell you now, she’s gonna look a right bogger…sorry I meant bobby dazzler. 

All she and the rest of the wonderful characters in the classic tale need now, is an audience. So if your free on the dates shown in the poster, then why not pop over and see us. Drop me a message and I’ll sort you out with some tickets. I assure you that you won’t go home disappointed, it’s a cracking nights entertainment and it’s children friendly so the whole family can enjoy. 


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