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My beautiful, annoying, clever, strong, witty sister…

Today is a special day, it’s the birthday of my beautiful, annoying, clever, strong and witty sister Natalie-Jayne. Natalie for short, Nat if your lazy but for today I’ll call her…Snot-face!


On 15th February 1990, our world was shook with the arrival of baby snot-face. No longer an only child, I had to adapt to my role of older brother, to the households new bundle of joy. Things didn’t start particularly well.


See I had a helium balloon, I accidently (as many 4 year olds do) let go of said balloon and witnessed it float higher and higher, eventually out of sight and most definitely out of grasp. I was 4 years old so naturally the devastation of loosing something so dear and important to me was all too much too bare. They say Bipolar could be caused by a series of traumatic events, perhaps this is event number one, I can’t be certain, just throwing it out there. Now I was told that this balloon would be replaced and that there was nothing to worry about. As young children do they believe their parents beyond all cause for doubt.

Mine was the big one in the middle!

Snot-face was then born, right after #balloongate. Which meant that said balloon was in fact not replaced. That said balloon and my need for it was no longer appreciated. Only moments in my life and this new addition is already getting my goat.


The years passed and we typically didn’t really like each other. She was annoying, I was fabulous. She looked as rough as a badgers arse that had been dragged up a gravel path and I looked like a god, well a god with ginger curtains, pasty skin and acne.

“How my parents did not know, I have no idea”

We tried to get along, even taking part in each others hobbies. She joined the Studio Players but it wasn’t for her. I got lead roles, she got to play a corn on the cob. She loved horse riding, so I tried that, she would gallop round those fields with grace. I fell off and the horse stamped on foot, pain aside, ruined a brand new pair of trainers!


I left home…that was it, I left home. I moved out and slowly but surely we started to get on. She buggered off to Tenerife for a while, I darted off down to London. She came home and then settled down, I returned a few years later and did the same.

She has since given me a fabulous niece in Lola-Rose and a superhero nephew in Harrison, like the best gifts ever. She’s matured into a beautiful lady with an abundance of talents. She’s not been without health issues herself but, she is always fired up to push on with sheer determination and drive. Constantly strives to achieve more, give more and sprinkle glitter on bad situations. She’s charitable, thoughtful, hilarious. I love her!

She has a pure heart of gold and whilst she was an unbearable sibling as a child, she’s a sibling I couldn’t live without now as an adult, nor would I want to. No longer just a sister but a great friend too. I love you dearly snot-face. Happy 27th Birthday, have a wonderful day. xxx

Glad to say I’m now as keen as mustard when it comes to our Nat



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