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Coping Strategy: #1 Fag Ash Lil

Coping strategy #1 Fag Ash Lil

Blues For Breakfast

I thought I’d start with one that may be controversial, quite simply because smoking is not good for you. In fact smoking is indeed very bad for you. It’s not big, it’s not clever, I am an idiot…however…

For me smoking is a coping strategy. I am not recommending that you take up smoking for one instant. I have smoked all my life from a very young age. I could quit if I wanted too but quite frankly I do not see it happening anytime soon.

You often get asked on  questionnaires, by doctors, dentist etc how many per week you smoke. Well for me that is entirely dependant on what kind of week I am having. If I am having a low anxiety week with a relatively stable mood then it is quite possible that 20 cigarettes could stretch as far as the entire week.

Take this week, it has…

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The only way to combat mental health stigma is to talk openly about mental health illness and educate ignorance. Let's see if we can do our bit and share our experiences...

2 thoughts on “Coping Strategy: #1 Fag Ash Lil

  1. You are definitely not an idiot and if the helps you cope then so be it. 90 % of people could not live with what you have to endure day in day out. I back you 100% xx

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