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“Lights out, all out” – in fact anything with a plug on it…

It’s 2017, I’m 30 years old, we have ourselves a power cut. The power has been out since 2.30pm and there’s no update on when it will be back on. Although, I admit it’s great to be reporting on a different type of darkness for a change. 

Rather naively, I was surprised that we were even having one at all, I mean genuinely surprised, I didn’t think this was still a thing. I don’t recall a single power cut in my adult years, unless something hadn’t been paid?!

Only now that’s not the case, everything is up to date and after Jamie speaking to 105, it would seem they are unsure of the cause of the issue. So we wait…

Some candles…

Being thrown into the dark ages this afternoon, I can’t help but reminisce (quite fondly) of the power cuts we used to have when we were kids. I’m sure a real inconvenience for mum and dad, but bloody exciting for me. 

The emergency candles would come out from under the sink and as I recall, we may even play a board game or two – Monopoly being an all time favourite! 

Some more candles…

Now, at 30, I have fancier candles (scented if you please) a torch on my phone, can still use my phone to contact civilisation, order food to be delivered within an hour to my door, play games, stream a movie, catch up on social media, blog! 

A lovely posh crackling candle with two good looking blokes in the background and a cheeky shot of Arthur…

However I am so, incredibly, bored. The irony being that: we would probably have a take away anyway, we spend most of our times on our mobiles on social media, YouTube, playing games and blogging, all completely unaffected by the lack of power (unless our phone dies). 

Why is it only now, that I feel desperation to use the dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer… house phone?! When there are incredibly high chances that I would have not used them anyway, what’s more, even higher chances of me not using them when the lecky’s back on. 

I think if there is one thing that this little power shortage has taught me about myself, it’s that I may be more of a Millennial than I realise – which quite frankly, scares the shite out of me! 

A theatrical looking candle with a theatrical looking geezer…


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