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Was chatting with a friend earlier this week about a tragic ordeal in Greggs on Portobello Road back in 2015. She expressed that I should use the story as blog fodder and as a continuation to my vegan victimisation.


So I for a short time worked in central London, one of my stores at the time was on none other than the Portobello Road of my Bedknob’s and Broomsticks childhood (yes I would sing or hum the ditty to and from the shop daily).


Now for speed and cheapness I would often frequent the Greggs just a few doors down and indulge in their only Liam friendly offering…a vegetable pasty. Yum.


Now on Friday 30th October 2015, I was due to receive a shock that would see Greggs depart suddenly from my life forever. I skipped through the doors of the pasty place and confidently asked for my usual vegetable pasty. To my surprise the lady behind the counter stated that they did not have any vegetable pasty’s. Naively assuming that she was making reference to the vegetable pasties being in the oven, I kindly asked “How much longer will they be?”.


The kind lady behind the counter then went on to tell me that my beloved vegetable pasty had a revamped recipe, would I like to try it?


I abruptly declined her proposition, I knew exactly what a revamped recipe would entail and I knew damn well that I would not like it. I looked up at her, square in the eye and I said: “You’ve put cheese in it, haven’t you?”.


Smiling (clearly not registering the distain in my voice or my shallow panicked breathing) she said “Yes. A creamy cheese flavoured sauce made with Monterey Jack cheese.”


I wanted to cry, I was flustered, I was furious! I then proceeded to take a photo of the shiny ‘new’ label and took to twitter. Greggs assured me that they would inform their bakers to see what could be done. Needless to say I haven’t heard anything since, nor have I ever been back. I took to Subway instead.


Really cannot understand the obsession places have with adding cheese. It really does bewilder me. So anyway, there you have it, #greggsveggiepastygate


The only way to combat mental health stigma is to talk openly about mental health illness and educate ignorance. Let's see if we can do our bit and share our experiences...

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