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There is nothin’ like a dame…

Being a thespian from a young age, I had many an opportunity to tread the boards in various roles and claim my share of the limelight. Each role being a challenge in different ways and each bringing joy and glory.

I had however, never done a pantomime, ever. So imagine my delight when the Studio Players announce our next production to be : Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood. Thrilled, truly thrilled. What’s more I get to claim my share of the limelight as the utterly fabulous, stark raving mad but totally endearing dame, Nanny Nutall.

Over the last few weeks we have been tirelessly rehearsing ready for our curtain up the first weekend of March. I have been toying on how to play her, looking for many inspirations but failing to find the one.

Until tonight, tonight when Nanny came to me not as one, but two inspirations. The first being the manic, theatrical and eccentric snob Hyacinth Bucket (sorry Bouquet) the second being none other than Marjorie Dawes of Fat Fighters fame in Little Britain.


No doubt she will evolve some more before opening night but I finally feel I’m beginning to channel her.


Now all that is left to do is establish her image. I need to hunt for a suitable wig, selection of gaudy frocks and find one or two accessories. So please don’t be shy, any suggestions you have pop in the comments box, it would be greatly appreciated!


I’ll keep you updated on how dear Nanny progresses over the coming weeks!


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