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There’s no business like show business, like no business I know…

Some will already know that I’m a natural born show off and true thespian at heart. Gracing the am dram stage from a young age. I have been fortunate to perform in a plethora of different roles, in many different plays and musicals, for over more than twenty years and to thousands of audience members.


It was during junior school that I first got my calling and from there have gone on to find a special group of people who have become an extended family. They have seen me through many of my life’s highs and lows, always offering a shower of support, always offering the opportunity to push my personal boundaries and most importantly brought life long friendships that are a fundamental part of my support network today.


The lifers of this incredibly talented bunch of folk, besides my own family, are the only other people in my life, that have witnessed me grow from infancy through to adulthood. So arguably the only people outside my immediate family that know the real version of me. That know about and have supported me through the ugly stuff and stuck around to see the highlights and successes. There fore it is absolutely no surprise that when in there company I am treated completely without judgement and effectively ‘normal’.


I am so lucky that my mum took me to see one of their shows and even luckier that she would take me to a rehearsal to try it out. I’m even luckier that she would then surrender her Friday nights week after week, year after year, to take me to and from rehearsals. I’m also very lucky that she’d take me to Ilson Chippy on Granby Street for chips, curry sauce and a potato fritter with batter bits and a diet coke after rehearsals (in danger of taking this too far now but it’s such a strong memory of the time and I never have got over the sense of loss I had when it closed down).


What I feel most lucky about and very grateful for, is that I got to be a Studio Player. I joined because I wanted to be on stage, I wanted to sing, dance, wear costumes, feel the warmth of the stage lighting on my skin and feel elated from the sound of a roaring applause. What I now have is something that far exceeded the expectations of my 8 year old self. I have a collection of wonderful people that I can call home. That’s why whenever I say that I am a Studio Player, I say it with pride.


Once you’ve been a Studio Player, you never forget.






The only way to combat mental health stigma is to talk openly about mental health illness and educate ignorance. Let's see if we can do our bit and share our experiences...

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